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EECON 2019 – Keynote Speaker Announced - 26 September

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

The Electric Energy Society of Australia (EESA) is hosting the 2 day National Electric Energy Conference – EECON 2019 at the International Convention Centre in Sydney on 26th and 27th of November 2019. The theme of EECON 2019 is “Engineering leadership providing sustainable, customer-centric electric energy solutions through the interactive grid”.

The EECON 2019 Conference has a really interesting 2 day program that will give attendees a good understanding of the many changes occurring in this rapidly changing industry.

EECON 2019 will also give attendees the opportunity to engage with companies who provide equipment and/or services to the Electric Energy Businesses.  There will be a great range of sponsors and exhibitors who will provide a great opportunity for attendees to understand some of the latest technologies, products and services currently available, as well as those becoming available in the electric energy area.

One of our keynote speakers is Peter Brown - General Manager of PSC New Zealand – and a keynote speaker at the EEA Conference in Auckland New Zealand in June this year

Peter Brown, General Manager PSC New Zealand

Peter’s topic is “The future is already here!”

Peter in his presentation will be exploring a range of forces, concepts and mini cases studies from PSC’s experiences around the world.  Peter in his abstract suggests that “Starting with the transitions seen in the movie, TV and music industries over the last 50 years through to the full evolutionary result of convergence, we’re seeing the same types of leaps in the power industry as renewables and particularly inverter technologies change the game.  National grids are searching for innovations to help maintain stability and resilience.  At the other end of the scale, exploring what could happen if you go to extreme distributed generation and what does the sharing and social economy enable when communities work together.  We can also see shifts behind the meter, moving from smart meters to smart appliances which leads into opportunities for cloud based DER Optimization.  These internet connected customers are demanding, and we as an industry need to innovate and deliver with good design.”   

As well as some other great keynote speakers, the EECON 2019 “technical” program has 30 detailed technical presentations covering key subjects in the following streams.

· Asset Management

· System Security

· New Technology and System Evolution

· Transmission Development and Regulatory Changes

· Safety Development and People

Potential Sponsors, Exhibitors and Attendees visit for more information on the conference.

This is a technical conference, providing ongoing professional development for technical people in the electric energy industry. It also will provide a great overview of how all these changes will impact the electric energy overall over the next few years and thus everyone who is working in the electric energy area will gain a much better understanding of the changes impacting all people in all businesses in this area.

EECON 2019 is a conference not to miss - we invite you to come, listen, participate, network and be informed.

Jeff Allen - National President – The Electric Energy Society of Australia


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